10 Fun Things to Do with Kids in the Fall

Summer months are often filled with sports, beaches, parks, swimming and lots of outdoor fun. When the weather turns colder new opportunities arise for indoor and outdoor activities. The following ideas will provide an afternoon of fun for families with children of all ages.

1. Rake up leaves and jump into the piles.

This activity takes some effort but is well worth it in smiles and laughter. If you don’t have enough leaves visit a local park and gather the leaves there for some fun.

2. Visit a local fall festival.

Many churches, schools, parks and commercial orchards have fall festivals that include kids activities.

3. Visit an apple orchard and pick apples.

Some orchards may have hayrides; corn mazes or other kids activities. Enjoy picking your own apples and try a new variety. Take the apples home to make apple pie, apple cider or caramel apples.

4. Carve pumpkins.

There are many kits available with patterns that can be outlined on a pumpkin or squash. Use caution when cutting, as many of the tools are very sharp. Bake the seeds after removing them for a yummy treat for the whole family.

5. Harvest the garden and have a harvest party.

Coordinate a harvest party with the neighbors who also have gardens. Share the extra vegetables with each other and enjoy a feast. If there are to many cucumbers cut them in half on the long axis and make cucumber boats for the kids to play with.

6. Make a scarecrow and other fall decorations.

Use hay and some old clothes to make a scarecrow for the front yard. The carved pumpkins can join the scarecrow along with some hay bales or other fall decorations.

7. Have a scavenger hunt for fall items.

Many trees have leaves that turn vibrant colors in the fall. Go for a walk and collect leaves, nuts, small branches and other items that can be turned into a wreath or pressed in between wax paper to make decorations.

8. Go for a hike.

Fall is a time of migration and preparation for birds and animals. Go for a walk or hike in a regional park or wooded area and watch for the animal activity. See how many different birds and animals you can spot.

9. Have a bonfire.

The cooler weather and earlier evening hours are perfect for one last bonfire before winter arrives. Roast some marshmallows or hotdogs and enjoy the evening together.

10. Volunteer

With local parks or recreational organizations to help them prepare for the winter months. Many organizations need help in storing summer items and closing up buildings that are not used in the winter.

Choosing an activity that is fun for the whole family will provide an memory that lasts a lifetime.

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