Learning Activities for Kids Using Apples

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Apples are packed with fiber and vitamin C, so there’s no doubt that this delicious fruit should be a staple in a child’s diet. But apples aren’t just good for eating; you can use them to give your youngster meaningful sensory, math, science and creative experiences.

Here are some fun activities for kids using apples.

Sensory Activity for Kids Using Apples: Comparing the Taste of Red and Green Apples

Red and green apples are both yummy, but each of these apples tastes slightly different. Green apples are tart, whereas red apples tend to be sweeter. Let you child sample both types of apples and see if she can use her sense of taste to point out the difference in flavors.

Encourage your tyke to open up about her apple-tasting experiences by asking questions. Did the red and green apples taste different? What did you notice about taste of each apple? Do you prefer the taste of the green apple or the red apple?

Science Activity Using Apples: Cooked Apples vs. Fresh Apples

Peel and slice a couple of apples, put them in a bowl and let your child try to mash them with a fork. Did it work? Now, put the sliced apples in a pot of water and let them boil for about 10-minutes. Remove the apples from the hot water, put them in a bowl and let them cool. Once the cooked apples are cool, let your child use the fork to try to mash them again. What happened this time?

See if your child can point out the differences in the apples after they were cooked. Did the consistency change? Did the color change? Did the size of the slices change? After you’re done, add a sprinkle of cinnamon to the mashed apples and turn them into applesauce.

Creative Activity for Children Using Apples: Apple Prints

Slice an apple in half. Have your child dip the inner portion of the apple half into a dish of non-toxic red or green paint and then press it on a sheet of white paper. Your child can use this method to make apple-printed wrapping paper, birthday cards and murals.

Math Activity for Kids Using Apples: Estimating Seed Count

Gather a few apples and ask your child to guess how many seeds she thinks the apples contain. After your child makes her prediction, slice the apples in half, dig out the seeds and start counting. When your child finishes counting the seeds, she can cut out an apple shape from construction paper, write down the number of seeds, and then glue them on the pattern.

Apples are full of nutrition, but eating this fruit isn’t the only way your youngster can gain benefits. Counting apple seeds, making apple prints, and experimenting with the tastes and textures of apples can give your child valuable sensory, math, creative and science experiences.

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